GoDaddy Would Like to Remind You They No Longer Support SOPA

Even though Go Daddy has more domain name transfers coming in than it has going out, the company still wants to remind you that it opposes SOPA every chance they get. {The Next Web}

Screenshot via the Next Web

So the boycott against GoDaddy for their initial support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which many in the online community see as a step towards legalized censorship of the internet in the US, did result in a higher than average loss of customers this week.

But the popular registrar received nearly twice as many inbound transfers, so while it didn’t have the mass balance sheet depleting effect originally intended, it did force the company to take a look at their stance on the bill. If passed into law, the bill would give copyright holders sweeping powers over websites which they claim are infringing upon their copyrights. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to have a domain taken down without giving the domain owner a chance to challenge the legitimacy of the reported infringement.

Obviously, it’s not exactly reassuring to find out that your domain registrar is supporting the companies opposing the people who buy domains.

Having “reevaluated” their position, GoDaddy also concluded that they probably shouldn’t throw their support behind a bill with the potential to negatively impact the very people who keep them in business, and officially withdrew their support. While it’s good to have an official statement on the matter, reminding customers who may be poised to flee that they’ve put more thought into the issue isn’t a bad idea.

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