IBM’s Watson Gets a New Job

Wall Street's latest whiz kid

Just when you think the job market couldn’t get any more competitive, along comes a super computer know-it-all that doesn’t request time off, or lunch or bathroom breaks like pesky humans. Forget what the Terminator taught you: the machines won’t try to kill you, they’ll just make your tiny little brain obsolete, and you’ll voluntarily bow down to your new automated overlords.

Or they’ll help humans do their jobs better, but the other version just sounds more ominous/interesting.

Kicking things off in the machine takeover of the world is Watson, the IBM super computer that ruined Jeopardy! for humanoids.

“IBM has signed a deal with banking group Citi to use the data-analyzing abilities of the Watson supercomputer to help deal with its customers.

Citi will try out Watson – which beat off human competition to win the US quiz show Jeopardy! last year – in a variety of roles. These could include building customer profiles based on their banking interactions, blogs, and Twitter feeds, and using those profiles to advise human staff on loans and transactions. ” {the Register}

Did you hear that social media experts? Pretty soon Watson is going to be stalking people on Twitter faster and better than you can.

With some of the existing automation on Twitter, at some point it’s just going to be one machine talking to another and social will go back to meaning actually interacting with people in person. Then the machines will annoy each other with how many bytes they used up before breakfast, what the computer down the hall said.

And on the plus side, at least Citi doesn’t have to worry about their latest employee dressing too sexy.



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