Already Got Yourself a (Louis Vuitton) Gun? Try Some Logo’d Waffles


Love Louis Vuitton’s ubiquitous monogram, but find yourself waffling at the thought of extending that to the Louis Vuitton gun? How about just taking your brand love to breakfast – waffles, specifically.

“Designed by LA-based Andrew Lewicki, the “Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker” was created earlier this year and features an aluminum sheet embossed with signature “LV” monogram print, unlicensed of course. Known for his gold-plated skate rail and Oreo manhole cover, the artist’s designer breakfast kit is just as dope. ” {Complex}

While we suspect LVMH won’t be enthusiastic about the unsanctioned use of their logo, at least we’ve moved from iron that fires bullets to  an iron that just fires off delicious breakfast items. It’s unlikely that the handbag giant is crossing over to home appliances, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find this at any big box store doorbusters.

Still, it could be a great opportunity for LVMH to do some brand integration: Moet mimosas and Hennessy infused syrup, anyone?

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