The Brando, a Tahitian Resort Inspired by Marlon Brando, to Open in 2013

A rendering of The Brando


You may know that Marlon Brando’s fell in love with Tahiti and his third wife while filming a movie on the island in the ’60s. You may not know of the late actor’s commitment to sustainable development.

Beginning in late 2013, visitors to Tahiti can loll about on Marlon Brando’s former private island when a luxury eco-resort called The Brando opens there…

His heirs, who sold an initial interest in the atoll to [Tahitian developer, Richard] Bailey for $2 million and will profit from yearly rent and a cut of proceeds. The goal of the resort is that its energy needs be 100 percent renewable (via solar, deep ocean-water cooling and coconut oil biofuel) and that the 35 villas be set back from the beach — not situated over the water — in accordance with the star’s wishes. {The Hollywood Reporter}

Pushing projects forward on behalf of a famous person who can no longer speak for themselves is always a delicate balance between tribute and exploitation, but the heavy sustainability focus seems to push The Brando firmly into the former category.



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