Tea Leaves: Put That In Your Pipe and Smoke It

Yes, it's a green leaf that you can smoke, but it isn't what you think

Are you a fan of smoking leafy substances? If you’re looking for a legal alternative to marijuana and tobacco just doesn’t do it for you, there are now tea blends designed specifically for you to light up an inhale. We wonder if the Queen of England would try a blend – it would definitely give a new meaning to high tea.

Liz calls her smokable tea blend: Vivid Visions – a blend she learned about from herbalist Robin Rose Bennett. It’s her #1 selling product on Etsy, with many, many repeat customers. It’s legal, it’s under the radar, and, according to Liz, it’s perfect for anyone who takes life too seriously and needs a way to relax AND dream better. {Huffington Post}

While this sounds like a plot line for Weeds,  and one step away from a sitcom sketch where a curious teenager discovers they’ve purchased a bag of oregano instead of something else, smokable tea is apparently a real thing.

Not only real, but it’s become a best seller for Liz Neves’ herbal product company. While the smoke blend tea was sold out when we checked, other tea blends seem to run at $8 for a half ounce bag.

If the pricing is the same, it would make the smokable tea $16 per ounce, which is roughly 16 times more expensive than a 4.2 ounce box of Tazo tea. Though no one here is an authority on the per ounce prices of other (ahem) smokable leaf products, a visit to Google suggests a range of $150-200+ per ounce on the illegal side of things.

We’ve got to give Neves credit on the business side of things – selling tea at a 16x markup, but marketing it to people who would normally spend 12.5 times more for a similar “experience”? Brilliant. And just imagine how much more peaceful certain street corners would become if the shady guy on the corner just wanted to upsell you on a teapot.

Though smoking tea isn’t illegal, we also have to wonder if there are any actual benefits to smoking tea rather than drinking it. Though cigarette companies add nicotine and other chemicals to most commercial cigarettes, tobacco is a leaf as well. Let’s not forget that natural doesn’t mean something is good for you. Cigarettes are made from a leaf (natural), paper (natural), cotton (natural), but simply inhaling those “natural” things over time can cause heart strain, lung diseases and lots of other health problems.

We’d pass – no puffs – on this particular trend, but if you’re already a smoker, would you trade tobacco for tea?


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