The Future of Instagram Revenue Could Be Fashion

But So Could the Future of Tumblr and Pinterest, and...

Kevin Systrom outside the Burberry Spring/Summer 2014 Show at London Fashion Week

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom at his first fashion week

Instagram‘s nearly $1 billion exit put it among an elite group of tech companies, but it’s future could be tied more closely to high fashion than high tech.

“We never set out thinking of Instagram as a platform for commerce, but in some ways Instagram is becoming that for folks in fashion,” Systrom said. {TechCrunch}

Speaking with model Lily Cole, founder Kevin Systrom noted that he doesn’t see turning Instagram into a full blown “buy now!” experience, but the early success that the fashion flock are finding on the photo network could be an indication of future revenue plans.

Tumblr – which had its own billion dollar payday – and Pinterest, the other two image heavy social networks, have already established their place as part of a well rounded digital marketing play for fashion brands. While Tumblr stumbled with early packages that were light on data to support the prices, Pinterest barely dipped a toe into the waters of commerce with a brief trial of Skimlinks, an affiliate advertising service, before pulling back. While those are the most apt competitors for the crown of Fashion’s Next Top Social Network, it’s also hard to ignore the fashion and commerce driven networks in the space. Wanelo and Fancy are enjoying user growth and massive investment rounds respectively, Polyvore remains one of the top fashion focused community sites on the web.

Facebook commerce never lived up to the early buzz surrounding it, and with the other two photo focused networks mulling over the best approach, Instagram’s future may be in commerce but could find it to be a tough sell.

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