Verizon Wireless Backtracks on New ‘Convenience’ Charge for Online Payments

Less than 24 hours after word got out that Verizon Wireless planned to introduce a painfully ironic “convenience” fee of $2 for anyone paying their bill online, the carrier has just officially confirmed that such plans have been cancelled. {TechCrunch}

Yesterday reports of a new fee for Verizon Wireless customers  who pay their bills online or over the phone with an operator began to circulate, but customer reaction was fast and fierce.

Perhaps this was some sort of backroom deal with the post office to get people mailing bills in again, but a petition encouraging Verizon Wireless to keep online payments free of additional fees has over 110,000 signatures at the moment, roughly 1 short day after it was started. While it’s certainly a prime example of negative customer feedback, the real impetus in changing course on payment fees was more than likely the FCC announcing that they were “concerned” about Verizon’s actions, and “looking into the matter.”

Just last year Verizon settled with the FCC over seemingly unsubstantiated fees, agreeing to pay $25 million to the government and more than $50 million to customers.

Guess those planned “convenience” fees didn’t add up to enough to cover attorneys’ fees and another trip to the bank.

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