Facebook News: The Weekend Recap

From being credited as a platform for the Egyptian revolution to confusing brand owners, Facebook made quite a few headlines this week. For your convenience, we present a few of the most interesting in one handy recap.

Diane von Furstenberg's Facebook page, using the new layout

Facebook Pages Now Look Like Profiles {MSNBC}

“One thing about Facebook: it doesn’t stay static for long. Just when you were getting used to Pages, the company has decided to make a major overhaul, an upgrade that aligns it with the recent Profiles redesign in its navigation, photo presentation and being able to see mutual friends and interests.”

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Egypt’s Facebook Revolution: Wael Ghonim Thanks The Social Network {Huffington Post}

“Shortly after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down from power on Friday, activist Wael Ghonim spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and credited Facebook with the success of the Egyptian people’s uprising.”

Coming soon: the Facebook phone {MarketWatch}

“The tech world’s attention Friday was focused on the newly announced partnership between Nokia Corp. and Microsoft Corp., with Nokia adopting the Windows Phone 7 mobile software…While all this was going on, Taiwan-based handset maker HTC and U.K.-based INQ Mobile quietly rolled out what everyone is now describing as Facebook phones.”

Facebook Rolling Out Brand New Photos Interface {Mashable}

“Facebook‘s all-new design for displaying photos now appears to be rolling out to quite a few users. It features larger images, a lightbox-type UI and other features that put Facebook in even more competition with Flickr on the casual and social photography front.”

Facebook Changes News Feed Settings, Some Users Only Shown Close Friends by Default {Inside Facebook}

“Last week, Facebook changed the options in its news feed settings so users either “Show posts from: friends and Pages you interact with the most” or from “all of your friends and Pages.” Some users have unknowingly been defaulted to the first option, causing lot of content to be hidden from them without their knowledge.”

Settlement Reached In Conn. Facebook Firing Case {CBS New York}

“Complaining about the boss on Facebook changed a woman’s life – she was fired for it – but in the end, it was determined that the company was in the wrong.”

It’s Facebook Vs. Twitter In the Race to Make the News Social {GigaOm}

“Facebook has disrupted or helped to re-engineer many businesses and markets, including the photo-sharing market and the social-gaming market. But one thing it hasn’t really focused on so far is the news business.”

Groupon and Facebook valuations: A new paradigm or return to insanity? {LA Times}

“The last time valuations soared so high for companies with modest track records, or no track records, the trend line heralded the dot-com crash.”

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