It’s A Droid, It’s A Phone, It’s Superphone!

Steve Jobs may very well be quivering in his boots – or, more likely, in his turtle neck – right about now.

Google announced to the world today what happens when they and HTC (a company that makes all those Android running smartphones) come together.

Answer? They make one sweet phone.

The Nexus One, Google's foray into the world of smartphones.

The Nexus One, Google's foray into the world of smartphones.

The Nexus One, publicly released today, is Google’s answer to the iPhone. This sleek piece of machinery doesn’t just look as sexy as the iPhone; it’s faster, lighter, and isn’t tethered to AT&T. You can buy the phone through T-Mobile for a discounted price ($180 with a 2 year contract) or unlocked at $530 – making the Nexus One slightly cheaper than most of its smartphone competitors.

Add into the mix the fact that it’s got a whole bunch of Google goodies (Google Mail, Maps) one touch away, cutting-edge software (Google Voice, Live Wallpaper), and some killer hardware (a 480 x 800 OLED capacitive touch screen and a 5 MegaPixel Camera) and you’ve got yourself a serious contender in the smartphone race.

This is the “it” phone of the moment (the one all those tech geeks and plugged-in multitaskers are practically slobbering over), but will the Nexus One appeal to the iPhone/App loving masses? Could it topple the house that Jobs built? Only time will tell.

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