Merry Christmas! Here’s Not a Nook.


Longer than The Lord of the Rings, more dramatic than The Odyssey, and more ridiculous than a two-day marathon of America’s Next Top Model, the saga of “The Nook” continues.

While Nook initially got great press from the Tech world – word is that the device is superior to Sony’s eReader and even Amazon’s Kindle – Barnes & Noble has seriously messed up their competitive edge by not producing enough Nooks to meet the demand.

With the deficiency (which B&N maintains is due to shipping problems…but no one’s believing that one), there’s a chance you may not get your Nook by Christmas – even if you pre-ordered and were given a pre-holiday shipping date.

To soften the blow, B&N is offering $100 gift certificates and fancy “Your Nook Will Be Here Soon” Cards for those whose Nooks won’t be under the tree for Christmas Day.

It’s a nice gesture – but will that be enough for B&N to recover from this disaster and take on the increasingly popular Kindle? Only time will tell.

Read the Full Story {Wired}

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