Marc Jacobs Wants to Give You Your Morning Cup of Joe

Introducing plus sizes, plans for Fashion’s Night Out: news on Marc Jacobs has been rolling in and this update adds another notch on the budding lifestyle maven’s belt. After the opening of his first cafe  in Milan, serving up spiked hot chocolate to its elite clientele  and debuting a new bookstore in downtown Manhattan called Bookmarc, it is clear that Marc Jacobs, once solely known for his fashion genius,  has conquered new areas in the retail market.

The original cafe is located in the Brera Distract in Milan directly behind the Marc by Marc Jacobs retail store. Neon lights and futuristic decor set it apart from competitors.

Cafe number two is slated to open on this side of the Atlantic, more specifically in uptown Manhattan.  MJ’s business partner, Robert Duffy confirmed the plan is in the works and hinted at its uptown locale.

It is noted that there are no Marc Jacobs boutiques uptown so it’s possible they may follow not far behind. Considering the success of mega-designers like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren are partially due to successes outside of fashion, branching out into new markets is a good sign for a designer like Jacobs whose aesthetic and charm make him so versatile in style choice. Even though a home collection is the usual expansion route, we’re looking forward to seeing Jacobs’ design vision expanded – whether it be the coffee shop or the fashion runway. {Racked}

Will the Marc Jacobs name be enough to make you consider a change in your normal coffee provider? If so, what venture do you want to see the growing MJ empire take on next?

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