In the Green: Vintage Style Bikes

There’s nothing quite like cycling about town – the wind in your hair, the smell of grass, delicious groceries in your basket. Of course, there’s nothing quite like having to cycle in torrential downpours either, but that’s nothing the intrepid and eco-conscious biker can’t handle. The fact is, bicycling isn’t just an environmentally conscious means of transportation, it’s part and parcel of many people’s signature styles (and well worth suffering through a little rain for).

We think there’s nothing that says cool, retro style more than a cruiser (can’t you just envision yourself in a 50s style dress, cycling down country paths on one of these babies?). Here are three favorites that we’ve found – but don’t forget, you can usually get great deals on vintage inspired bikes on Ebay, Craigslist, and

The “LOVE” Cruiser, $169, from Chubby’s One Stop Cruiser Shop

The sixthreezero Cruiser, $235, in cream and blue from

Electra Gigi Cruiser, $579, available at Harbor Country Bike.


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