Bottoms Up: Designer Diapers are Coming to a Target Near You

When Huggies launched their line of denim diapers, complete with catwalking (or should that be kittenwalking?) toddlers, we thought it was the natural progression/regression of the designer collaboration trend.

Pampers and Cynthia Rowley recently announced a collaboration that’s scheduled to hit Target in mid-July of this year. We’ve seen the rise in popularity of pantlessness for adults. It only seems fair that the under 2 crowd – really the only ones who should try the look if not performing in concert, now has a wider array of style options when running around in their undies.

There will be 11 styles in total, so far photos of 2 floral prints and a blue madras have been released.

“As a mom, I wanted other moms and dads to have more options in every part of their lives — even diapers.” It’s the first piece of clothing your baby will ever wear, and it should be special.” – Cynthia Rowley {Luxist}

As long as parents promise to not make this one of those fashion choices that they try to match to their children, it seems like a good idea that’s wide open.

With Stella McCartney expecting her fourth child, and a recent slew of model moms – Giselle Bundchen, Jourdan Dunn, and Adriana Lima to name a few, it would only be surprising if this were the last of the premium diaper collaborations we hear about. McCartney’s already done collections for Gap Kids, so cloth diapers for Baby Gap wouldn’t be impossible.

And if Target decides to bring children’s items into their capsule collections, we’d bet Liberty print diapers would sell out as quickly as any of their other items.

If none of those come to fruition though, there are still plenty of choices for babies (and parents) bored with minimalist white diapers, and too directional to be seen in cartoon character prints.

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