Harper Seven Beckham Makes Her Media Debut on Twitter and Facebook

Pre-arrival, rumors were that David and Victoria Beckham‘s first daughter, Harper Seven, would be crawling around in custom red-soled Loubooties, burping up on couture blankets, eating  off of silver spoons and giving Suri Cruise a run for her money as the most extravagant tot in the Hollywood sandbox.

Fortunately, little Harper’s first photos seem to indicate a slightly more relatable childhood start.

Mom tweeted a picture of dad and daughter, and proud papa David Beckham responded on Facebook with a picture of his two girls catching a nap.

David Beckham and daughter Harper, brought to you by @victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham and daughter, introduced on Facebook

And most surprising is baby Harper looking like a baby! No mink onesies, diamond studded rattles, tiny handbags or baby wigs . Maybe they’re out of range on these shots, but aside from looking like they’ve lucked out with a baby who sleeps – and allows mom to nap – the photos are wonderfully normal. More designers are putting out children’s lines these days, so we could be mistaken, but the blanket and hat Harper wears in her closeup with dad look like (gasp) standard issue baby basics.

We also learned that Harper’s name did not, in fact, come due to some kind of arrangement with Harper’s Bazaar for debut photos, but from Victoria’s admiration for “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee. {Daily Mail}

And just in case the favorite jersey number as a name thing weren’t indication enough that David Beckham is pretty excited to have another girl in the house, he laced up a pair of pink and white soccer shoes with all four of his children’s names embroidered on them for his latest game.

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