Royal Engagement Photos from Prince William and Kate Middleton Arrive

The latest update from what will undoubtedly be the most watched wedding of next year is that the engagement photos are in. Prince William and his fiancee, future princess Kate Middleton released two engagement photos shot by Mario Testino.

One photo shows the couple warmly embracing each other, while another includes a more stately pose with portraits and other decorations from St. James’s Palace more clearly displayed in the background.

The Cut has identified Kate’s dress in the second photo as a year-old design from Reiss, a British retailer that sells moderately priced clothes, and the embroidered blouse in the close-up photo as one from UK retailer Whistles. Imagine the excitement everyone had when Michelle Obama started appearing in J.Crew as well as more established (and higher priced) labels, put a posh accent on it, and you basically understand the enthusiasm over the latest photos.

No word on what the retail response has been thus far, but the $500 dark blue Issa dress that the future princess wore to the engagement press conference sold out not long after Middleton wore it, and her engagement ring (which was once Princess Diana’s) has driven a resurgence in knockoffs as well.

There hasn’t been any confirmation on who will design her wedding dress, but gamblers in the UK are betting on Bruce Oldfield. {the Cut} We’re betting that an “inspired by gown” will make its way into stores not long after.

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