Ugg Australia Hikes Men’s Division to Tom Brady

First Jimmy Choo, and now Tom Brady has gone over to the dark side. On Wednesday, news spread that the famously handsome quarterback and husband to Supermodel Gisele Bündchen agreed to a deal with Ugg Australia that will make him the face of the brand’s men’s division, marking the first time Ugg has specifically pushed men’s products.{Styleite}

According to a press release from Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which acquired the Ugg brand in 1995, Brady adores Uggs and wears them all the time (doubtful), and company Chairman and CEO Angela Martinez said Mr. Gisele’s status as a highly noted football player and “style icon” makes him their ideal spokesman.

We were going to say that what that likely means is Brady is meant to make Uggs seem more masculine and thus more appealing to a wider population of men, but actually Uggs are already pretty masculine-looking and have somehow become associated with women and girls. The Uggs will probably, therefore, have the opposite effect on Brady. In other words, he’s liable to find his Ugg boots wearing him, not the other way around. The score for now: Ugg-1, Brady-0.

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