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The Style99 starts with an index of more than 20,000 recently updated fashion blogs and beauty blogs from around the world to get to the 99 listed below. All are up to date, and focused primarily on fashion or beauty content. With each update, abandoned or infrequently updated blogs are eliminated, data is crunched and each blog is assigned a score representative of general content quality, popularity and buzz using link and social media sharing data. The 99 most influential blogs span multiple categories: from the street and personal style of trendsetters around the world, to breaking fashion news and beauty reviews. It's all about engagement - not just the biggest numbers.

The TOP 99

Are these the best fashion blogs? Best is subjective, but for six years, it has been the most in depth, data driven measure of global style influence available. Simply put, the Style99 is the most comprehensive, objectively measured guide to online fashion media. Period.

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