Kumfs Steps Into The Fashion World

“Stylish” isn’t generally associated with the word “orthotics,” but New Zealand-based footwear company Kumfs begs to differ with the idea that beauty is pain and plans to launch Ziera, a more style conscious collection of healthy footwear driven by trends as well as comfort.

Creator and industry veteran Chantal Pilon has high hopes for the line, with VP of sales Craig Taylor projecting that Ziera will represent 50% of company sales within five years.

Ziera targets women 35 and older who want and need more than just good looks from their footwear, yet don’t want to totally sacrifice style for comfort.

We love the idea, because — let’s face it — our feet can’t afford to stand in up-to-there Louboutins the rest of our lives, even if our wallets can.

Read the full story {WWD}

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