Eyes are Now the Windows to Christian Dior

Pick any random man or woman off the streets and she or she is bound to be wearing at least one item of clothing with the brand’s name and logo printed on it. These days designers and mass market retailers sell so many products with their stamp on them it’s hard not to be a walking billboard.

John Galliano, however, has officially gone too far. Christian Dior has created shiny gold contact lenses with the high end label’s CD logo on the actual lens, meaning it appears over part of the iris of the person wearing it. {The Gloss}

Can we all join together in a collective WTF? The look is just downright creepy. Dior mascara, yes – Dior eyeballs? We’ll pass. If the lenses had only the gold sheen, not the CD logo as well, we may be able to see some kind of potential for a fashion statement. At the very least the lenses could be used for a Halloween costume {Fashion Indie}, and the weirdest part of all is to imagine looking into someone’s eyes as they are speaking to you and seeing the letters. We still love you, John Galliano, but we are really interested to see who, if anyone, will actually wear these.

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