Japanese Anti-Aging Goggles: If Everyone Jumped

We thought we’d seen it all in the anti-aging department when British beauty brand Rodial introduced a serum that uses snake venom to plump skin and reduce the effects of aging.

Until today. Apparently, you can now forget about snake serum, Botox, face lifts and collagen products and just buy a pair of Japanese anti-aging goggles. The goggles, called Mejikara, are made of silicon rubber, and they work by squeezing against your eyes and pushing the skin back up where it belongs. {the Gloss via Gizmodo}

The product supposedly features “specially-designed ridges which massage and help your skin by putting gentle pressure on [it] and pushing those sagging eyes back up to where they once were.” {Gizmodo}

Is it us, or is it totally ridiculous to claim that simply holding sagging skin around the eyes taut for a while will make aging lines stay gone when you let go? The last time you woke up with weird sleep lines, chances are they were gone after a few minutes. We’re guessing there will be immediate “results” that disappear in a similar amount of time. The only way Mejikara will hide signs of aging near the eyes is if they are worn all the time, but anyone doing so would look more insane than someone with a few harmless crow’s feet.

P.S. – a pair of these babies go for $48. It costs $0 to use your own fingers to hold your skin in place and pretend it will stay that way when you stop. Knowing when a product is a completely absurd waste of money – now that is priceless.

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