Surprising News (Not): Lady Gaga Signs Fragrance Deal with Coty

Rumors ran rampant this summer about an impending Lady Gaga fragrance deal with Coty Inc. Back in July, a Coty representative told WWD the rumors were completely false, and that he had heard “nothing of this project.”

Well, surprise surprise. This week WWD reported that the world’s no. 1 pop star has in fact signed a deal with Coty to create a line of signature Lady Gaga fragrances.

If Madonna's cone bra could inspire a fragrance bottle, our money's on Lady Gaga's bubble dress playing a role in future fragrances

The same Coty executive who denied the rumors a few months back, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing in the Coty Beauty division Stephen Mormoris, said the agreement was worked out last week, and the first of several future Lady Gaga women’s scents is set to launch in spring 2012.

We love to say I told you so – note this direct quote from a past Signature9 post on the subject: “Even though Gaga is not working on a scent yet, we’re betting she will be at some point.”

Bloggers around the Web continue to speculate what Gaga’s perfumes will smell like, with some guessing it will have rubber or hairspray notes. {Fashionista} We can only hope none of the fragrances smell like raw meat (BTW is anyone else wondering how Gaga kept from stinking like rotting flesh at Sunday night’s VMAs?).

Anyhow, we’re sure the beauty execs at Coty will come up with something wearable. We’re sticking to our original prediction that the most interesting part of the fragrances will be their bottles.

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