Women’s Skincare: Michael Kors Leg Shine Collection

korslegsA little known secret among women in Hollywood to perfect and lengthen their legs is to pair a short hemline with a great pair of flesh colored heels. It will make your legs the center of everyone’s focus, and will photograph beautifully. To polish off this flawless look use Michael Kors Leg Shine Collection available in three different shades (classic, shimmer, and bronze) at Bergdorfgoodman.com for $32.00 each. What separates this product from many of the other bronzing lotions? This product is designed specifically for your legs and promises to even out even the tiniest of imperfections. Each easy twist up applicator is infused with a lush signature fragrance, and can be used individually as a single shade, or applied all together for a custom shade all your own. It’s a great product that many women swear by, but don’t take our word for it, let your legs do all the talking.

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