Can Summer Fashion Trends Harm your Health?

Some of the hottest trends in fashion may look great, but what if they carried irritating health risks? Dr. Oz recently took on a few summer style staples that have some not so pretty side effects. {Dr. Oz Fans}

The first offender, and most popular summer footwear for women, are the ankle-strap wedges. Offering little to no ankle support, coupled with friction and an uneven walking surface, this stylish trend may be your worst enemy this season leaving you with sprains or blisters. A suggested fix? Choose styles with multi-strapped, buckled ankle support. Also try wearing gym socks in them the day before to stretch out the shoe to ensure a comfortable fit all day.

The thick, cinched-waist belt, also a big trend, comes with its own health hazards. Offering that hour-glass shape also means prolonged pushing against the stomach walls, causing indigestion and heartburn. Skinny belts can be layered and worn slightly lower to accentuate your shape without as much discomfort. If you can’t part with a wide belt look but want to avoid the discomfort, we’d also suggest a fabric belt, which can be a bit more flexible than stiff leathers or plastics.

One of our favorite trends,  metal aviator sunglasses, are also on the hazard list. In hot weather, metal frames mixed with sweat can result in heat-related rashes on the delicate skin around the eyes. Dr. Oz notes, “Many people don’t realize their sunglasses are to blame for the rash.” Plastic frames are recommended for shades that won’t leave you with any conditions that require larger sunglasses to cover up.

We’ve accepted a while ago that a certain amount of suffering can be required for fashion, but there’s nothing wrong with minimizing the risk.

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