Fall Fashion: Pick-Me-Up Print Umbrellas and Rain Boots

It has been a rainy fall so far in New York City, with even some tornado warnings issued this past September. {NYTimes} All of the precipitation has made for a soggy work commute a few times a week the past month, and sitting in the office with wet clothes on all day is no fun. Especially if the AC has not been turned off yet.

How to keep yourself dry? With chic umbrellas and rain boots of course! Check out the options we found scattered about the Internet below:

This red and white Automatic Open/Close Floral Dot Umbrella from Target will match any outfit. Get yours for $24.99 at Target.com. {Target}

The Marimekko Unikko Compact Umbrella is a bit pricey for an umbrella at $40.00, but it is just so chic! It also comes with a button that releases and collapses it, which is handy when you have other things to carry. It comes in red and black as well, and you can score one at Umbrellas.net. {Umbrellas.net}

Keep one of these Totes Fashion Mini umbrellas in your purse at all times, and you’re set for any surprise rain storm! They come in any style you fancy, with dots, solids, florals, plaids and animal prints available for $22 at Macys.com. {Macy’s}

Though not quite as practical as the others for keeping dry, these ankle rain boots from Vivienne Westwood are absolutely adorable. They are a bit pricier than the others as well – $134 at Zappos.com – but if you’re down for a splurge, these are a great choice. {Zappos}

Animal prints are huge this season, and these Dirty Laundry Raindrop Rain Boots come in leopard and zebra. Get a pair from Macys.com for $49. {Macy’s}

Don’t even think about picking out solid black rain boots. These Gabriella Rocha RB Paisley ones from Zappos.com are way too fun to walk around in solids! Nice price too – $55.95. {Zappos}

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