Amy Winehouse Reveals New Fashion Collection

Amy Winehouse has had her fair share of troubles over the past few years. Speculated to have spent time in and out of rehab, she is back- but not with her next Grammy-winning record.

It’s been confirmed that Winehouse has collaborated on a new 17-piece  fashion collection for British sportswear designer Fred Perry, expected to be released in October.

Marketing Director for Fred Perry, Richard Martin stated, “We had three major design meetings where she was closely involved in product style selection and the application of fabric, color and styling details…pieces such as gingham shirts and the Heritage jacket, another label classic, are the foundation of the lineup. On those items, “Amy gave crucial input on proportion, color and fit,” Martin said. “The range clearly has Amy’s handwriting.” {The Cut}

How many people actually want to emulate the messy, grunge look Amy is often seen in? Sure, there may be some fashion sense lurking beneath the surface, but the “this shirt hasn’t been washed in months!” look is one we could do without. Managing director for Fred Perry, John Flynn, added “We have had a great relationship with her over the years as she has been a loyal fan and supporter. Amy’s sense of style and attitude to music and fashion pervades through this collaboration. We hope her fans and our fans will feel the same way.”

We have also been hearing rumors that Amy is taking on a beauty venture, supposedly creating a new line of  makeup. Her popularity in London, especially her signature beehive hairdo and heavy-handed eyeliner, have inspired trends in past seasons (famously, as Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for a season at Chanel). The line could include items like hairspray, headscarves,  liquid eyeliner and perfume.

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