Filthy Fail: JWoww Jersey Shore Frocks Are $750

First, an apology. While we’re as guilty as anyone else of secretly – maybe not so secretly, enjoying the antics of the Jersey Shore cast, this is our 2nd post of the day about JWoww’s Filthy Couture, and that’s more Jersey than we try to subject you to on a daily basis.

But we couldn’t let this little discovery slide. As Dolly Parton has said, “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap,” and apparently that was the motto of Jenni Farley’s fashion experiment. We were prepared to cut the aspiring designer some slack. While boob slings and bedazzled bodices aren’t really our style, for what we assumed to be a junior/lap dancer collection priced under $100, the designs weren’t that much worse than some of the things you’d see at Frederick’s or Hollywood or a mall mainstay like Arden B.

Except that Filthy Couture’s lowest priced dress is $425, and the highest – a 2-piece lace travesty is $750. Seriously. We checked the entire site, so it’s not a case of a misplaced decimal.

We’re assuming the target market for Filthy Couture consists of people who’ve had a recent windfall from the sale of a sex tape or something, and we know that money does not equal style (in either direction), but still – $750? Really?And what’s worse is that the guys are likely to have their own line of ridiculous coming soon, as the Situation launches his own clothing collection. Crop tops for guys, we’re guessing.

Obviously there are 1000 words needed to fully articulate the insanity of the pricing here, so we’ll let pictures and a little math take over.

$750 will buy you…

Sequin Special Tank Dress Arden B. Embellished Halter Dress Bebe Strapless Lace Dress Halston Heritage Sequin Wrap Cocktail Dress McQ Alexander McQueen Black & Blue Dress $750 Stripper Ensemble

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