Is Lincoln Center the Right Move for Fashion Week?

Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2010 collection officially closed Fashion Week, which he described as a “bittersweet honor” {Fox 5}. The show ended an era as this will be the last time Bryant Park will host the prestigious event. Its new home, beginning with the Spring/Summer 2011 collections shown in September, will be Lincoln Center.

Although most are optimistic about the move, not everyone sees Lincoln Center as quite the right fit for such a massive showcase. Businesses surrounding the center are voicing concerns about what this means for the future. Fashion week alone has estimated revenues upwards of 1/4 of a million dollars annually, entertaining thousands of people.  Hotel owners note that during fashion week they do peak business, leaving little to no available vacancies. Will the influx of people be too chaotic for surrounding businesses?

Fashion week doesn’t last forever, and we think that this move could open up opportunities for other companies to profit. More exposure can lead to more business, which would be a win/win for everyone.

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