Video Emerges of a Slurring John Galliano Declaring “I Love Hitler,” Second Accuser Files a Complaint

File this one under things that really won’t help John Galliano clear his name. The Sun has published a video showing a man who bears a strong resemblance to John Galliano making strongly anti-Semitic comments like “I love Hitler,” and “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be fucking gassed.”

Considering the statements of witnesses at Le Perle who stated that Galliano did not make any anti-Semitic comments, we’ve tried to reserve judgment in the event that Galliano’s comments in English were misinterpreted or misheard by the French couple making the accusations.

The Huffington Post is reporting that a second complaint was filed Saturday by a woman who claims that a drunk Galliano made anti-Semitic comments to her in October 2010 at La Perle, the same Parisian bar where the original verbal altercation took place. It’s not clear if the video the Sun obtained is from either the October 2010 incident, or the more recent one.

Galliano is currently suspended from Dior over the initial allegations, and while his lawyer or Dior have yet to confirm or deny the veracity of this video, it certainly doesn’t help Galliano’s case for claiming that the complaint is defamatory. Frankly, it’s beyond disappointing for those who were hoping that the claims of defamatory remarks by the designer were a case of something being lost in translation (that includes us). Short of the person in the video obtained by The Sun being a very convincing John Galliano look-a-like, it’s difficult to find any kind of balancing side to this.

Sure, everyone says stupid things when they’re drunk, but when those stupid things are consistently racist it’s probably a good sign that the person is indeed bigoted. If said person can’t control their alcohol intake to filter their bigoted thoughts, it’s probably not something you want to associate your company with – unless your company is some kind of neo-Nazi organization. While we still support a full investigation into the events of the original incident, we’ve also supported Dior’s action as necessary. With new accusations and videos emerging, the immediate suspension looks more and more like the smartest thing Dior could have done as a company to separate the allegations from the brand as a whole.

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