If Everyone Jumped: Turban-Topped Models and Celebrities, Oh My

Salma Hayek and Kate Moss try to reignite the trend of glamorous turbans

If you’ve got grey hair but no money for a dye job, you’ve ever dreamed of channeling Erykah Badu, you have frequent bad hair days or you just really hate washing and or styling your hair, you can now take advantage of the latest hair trend.

This week, The New York Times declared the turban is having a moment as a completely fashionable hair accessory. Actually, The Times said the turban was never really out of style but has been lying dormant for a few years and is now making a quiet but forceful comeback. We don’t really recall a time when turbans were ever that huge of a fad. Headscarves or hair handkerchiefs, yes. Turbans, not so much.

In any case, it does seem that the turban has made a quiet emergence as all the rage on fashion runways and in celebrity circles. Jason Wu used black and cobalt turbans in his spring collection, and Vena Cava sent models down the runway in them for their own show, while Giorgio Armani used North African-inspired turbans in his most recent collection. In the celebrity corner of the ring, Solange Knowles wore a Roberto Cavalli scarf as a turban to the Tom Ford show, and Salma Hayek rocked a navy and white printed one to the Stella McCartney show in Paris. {NYTimes}

“People didn’t bite when Miuccia Prada showed them a few years ago,” stylist June Ambrose told the Times, “but since then, it’s caught on.”

This may be yet another trend that supermodel Kate Moss started, as she was spotted wearing a turban at the Met gala in May of last year.

The Times claims ordinary women are embracing the trend as well with ladies in turbans turning up on the Web site Streetpeeper.

When used in dark neutrals like navy, grey and black, the turban definitely adds a certain edge to runway shows, but we’re not sure how easy it actually is to pull off on the streets. It takes a high amount of confidence to wear a headpiece like this, but if you’re feeling it, by all means rock that turban.

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