Lindsay Lohan’s Foul Fingernail, Twitter Delusions and Future in Fashion

So you know by now that Lindsay Lohan is going to jail, then rehab. Understandably, the leggings designer wasn’t pleased at being punished for missing court ordered alcohol classes.

“It’s been such a long haul. … I don’t want you to think that I don’t respect you.”

– Lindsay Lohan addressing Judge Marsha Revel

Somehow, we don't think that message was part of the original manicure.

But her manicure suggests otherwise. With “fuck u” scrawled on top of her middle finger, Lohan seemed to be flipping the court off. Perhaps expecting a different outcome, the actress was the only one to be… well, you know.

In a tweet, Lohan claims the manicure was a joke among friends {Twitter}, but common sense would suggest waiting until after court for such “jokes.” At the very least, putting that hand down might make sense. Joke or not, Lohan doesn’t deny the message scrawled on her finger was there, so Photoshop can’t be blamed this time.

The delusions continued as Lohan compared her 90-day jail sentence (which will likely be 25 days or less, due to overcrowding) to the case of an Iranian women facing death by stoning for adultery. {Gawker}

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lohan’s lawyer has decided not to continue representing her, as she prepares to appeal the sentence. {TMZ} The world’s tiniest violinist has probably left at this point as well.

Lest we forget, Lohan is not just a fading actress and singer, but the designer of leggings under the 6126 brand, which had plans for expansion into apparel and handbags. There were even rumors of a nude photoshoot to promote the handbags. {The Frisky}

While fashion fans love a good comeback story (Kate Moss, anyone?), have Lohan’s problems become more of a liability than her celebrity power can counter? We all know how the strange experiment with Ungaro ended (Lohan, and the executive who hired her were both fired), and missing jewelry from photoshoots {Chicago Tribune} did nothing to help her reputation as a famous mess.

We’ll have to wait for September to know for sure, but with her antics becoming increasingly irrational, and a court imposed time-out of 4-6 months, Lohan’s 6126 fashion plans may join the growing list of  personal failures.

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