High-Heeled Nikes: If Everyone Jumped

Just when we thought Teva Stilettos were the craziest footwear we’d ever seen, we find high-heeled Nike Dunks and Air Jordans floating around the Internet. Glamour tweeted about them this week, and they are available for purchase here, but Highsnobette doubts they were put on the market by Nike. If they’re correct, we could be hearing about a trademark infringement lawsuit sometime soon, since the shoes have the Nike swoosh, Air Jordan logo and plenty of other Nike branding on them.

There is no way we would ever consider wearing a Teva Stiletto, but you want to know something? Even though they’re probably a counterfeiter’s concept product for now, these 4-inch tall Nike Dunks are pretty darn cool. Especially the purple ones. And the red ones. Plus, all of the styles sell for around $100, which isn’t too terrible for a Nike or a high heel. While we don’t support fakes, a lot of the styles are sold out which means someone’s buying. Something to take note of for the next sneaker collaboration.

Would you dare wear?

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