Katy Perry May Be Next Up to Collaborate With Steve Madden

Steve Madden has been working hard lately. We recently reported his collaboration on Zac Posen’s moderately-priced Z-Spoke line, and it seems he has his sights on a new venture with pop star Katy Perry. Although she may have been dubbed too sexy for Sesame Street, it seems Steve thinks she is just the right fit for Seventh Avenue.

Known for her outrageous and buzzworthy sense of style it comes as no surprise that Madden has reportedly approached the singer with a proposition to collaborate on a “creative fashion collection” {Second City Style}.

Madden has also come to Betsey Johnson’s rescue after the designer suffered financial hardships. He generously loaned her the funds to get out of debt, leaving the Betsey Johnson empire basically under Madden’s control. This begs the question, is is possible that Perry’s crazy fashion sense will translate into the Betsey brand as well?

“Steve Madden is not taking over the company, and Betsey Johnson is not leaving the company,” Jonathan Friedman, Betsey Johnson’s executive vice president and chief operating and financial officer, told Page Six. {New York Post}

Either way, it’s a match that makes sense. Katy’s kitschy, colorful style (think Candyland figure youthful and brazenly bright) would compliment for Betsey Johnson, or add a bit of teen style to Madden’s own line. We can’t wait to see what the duo come up with.

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