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The 99 Most Influential Food Blogs

This Is Not Your Average Top Food Blogs List


From the main index of more than 3500 blogs, order expanded listings for top blogs and publishers. Download detailed rankings by engagement with contact information, including Twitter and Facebook profiles where available. Manually reviewed and categorized.

TASTE99 Spring 2013 Top Publishers
We started with an index of more than 3500 individually reviewed, recently updated food blogs from around the world to get to the 99 listed below. Some are from first hand knowledge, others were discovered through countless hours of following blogrolls and network publisher listings. All are up to date, and focused primarily on food or drinks.
In our manual review, we eliminate abandoned or infrequently updated blogs, crunch data and assign a score representative of general content quality, popularity and buzz using link and social media sharing data. The 99 most influential blogs span multiple categories: from the recipe blogs of at-home chefs to industry and market news. We're all about engagement - not just the biggest numbers.
Are these the best food blogs? Best is subjective, but it's certainly the best measure of global style influence to date. Simply put, the Taste99 is the most comprehensive, objectively measured guide to online fashion media out there. Period.

The first ranking of the 99 most influential food bloggers will be published soon. Use the following forms to add a blog to the starting index (it’s all about the data from there), or just to be notified when the Top 99 are published, and recognized for their engagement with readers, and influence on what to eat (or drink).

Food Bloggers

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Food Fans & Brands

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