Hermès Birkin Bags Outperform the S&P 500 Style
Hermès Birkin Bags Outperform the S&P 500

According to a research study by resale marketplace Baghunter, you’d do better putting your money in a (Birkin) bag than in the stock market or gold.

Lyft Launches Phoneless Ride Requests

Today, Lyft announced a partnership with the National MedTrans Network that will provide seniors in NYC a simpler way to get rides to non-emergency medical appointments. To do this, the Lyft at Work team has introduced a slick-looking, third-party web application called Concierge that allows its partners to call Lyfts online on the behalf of someone who may not have a smartphone to do it themselves. 

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Google I/O 2016 will have 100% More Fresh Air

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced dates of May 18-20th for Google’s annual developer conference, as well as a change of venue. Google I/O 2016 will leave San Francisco for Mountain View’s outdoor Shoreline Amphitheatre.

While an open air venue may seem like an odd choice for a tech conference, the change would provide space for any car tech related demonstrations. There haven’t been any specific product announcements, but it’s widely expected that the latest flavor of Android (Nutella, anyone?) will be on the agenda.

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Defiant Kids Are Most Likely to Make More Money as Adults

When it came to income levels, researchers [from the University of Luxembourg, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and The Free University of Berlin] found a slightly different pattern. After accounting for the impact of IQ-level and class background, researchers found that “rule-breaking and defiance of parental authority” was the best predictor of which students ended up making higher incomes. The writers called this a “surprising finding” and admitted there were reasons to be cautious.

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When to Shop Amazon Prime Day for the Best Deals Tech
When to Shop Amazon Prime Day for the Best Deals

While the floodgates of Amazon Prime Day are set to open at 3am EST/12am PST, most of the earliest deals are heavy on the toy, crib and stroller category so those looking for any of the teased TV or tech deals can sleep a little longer. Find out when to wake up for the best deals in tech, men’s fashion, women’s fashion and home.

Looks Like Amazon's Earliest Prime Deals are for Parents with Babies, Late Night Eaters Lifestyle
Looks Like Amazon’s Earliest Prime Deals are for Parents with Babies, Late Night Eaters

Amazon’s Prime Day Sale promises Black Friday like deals on a number of products, complete with virtual doorbusters like a 32-inch TV for $75. What’s been teased in an earlier press release is enough to be enticing, but browsing through their Upcoming Deals section there are even more indications of the products that will be part of […]

Band of Outsiders is Reportedly Finished Style
Band of Outsiders is Reportedly Finished

Fashionista is reporting that Band of Outsiders, which launched as a shirt and tie company by Scott Sternberg in 2004 before gaining a cult following and expanding to a full range of men’s and women’s clothing, is “done.”

And the Groom Wore Jordans


Not all weddings are formal affairs, and if you’re a guy who’s ready to take the plunge – just not in dress shoes – sneaker modifier Mache offers these dated, monogrammed Air Jordans as an alternative.

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Primark’s Cheap, Fast Fashion Is Parent Company’s Sweet Spot

AB Foods, which also produces and sells food items, revealed in a regulatory statement that Primark sales rocketed by 15% ahead of last year. It added that trading was strong in the stores it opened over the last 12 months across Europe.

The fashion chain, known for clothing priced as low as £1 ($1.49 at current exchange rates), saved its parent company from disappointing fiscal year food sales, driven by low European sugar prices. Expansion plans are underway for the Northeast United States, where the chain will compete with chains like Forever 21.

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How Seriously Should Law Enforcement Take Likes?

The fundamental problem with policing via social media data is that it misrepresents what social networks actually look like on the ground. Despite what techno-evangelists might wish, not all social relationships can be described using computational logic. The problem is structural and epistemological. Like all computer programs, databases are ultimately based on binary logic. If you want shades of meaning, you have to explicitly build that capability into your system. And building nuance is far harder than it seems.

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French Hotel Company Accor Acquires Website Development Company

Accor CEO Sébastien Bazin said the acquisition of Fastbooking, which follows its acquisition of itinerary-management service Wipolo in October, will help to accelerate the hotel group’s digital strategy. Accor didn’t disclose the terms of the Fastbooking acquisition.

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Yoox and Net-a-Porter Are Now Part of the Same Company

In a press release, YOOX founder Federico Marchetti confirmed an all-share merger which will join Net-a-Porter with the Italian luxury e-tailer. The new company will be the YOOX Net-a-Porter Group, and see Marchetti retain his title of CEO. Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet will be executive chairman of the company.

YOOX will continue to be listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, and Net-a-Porter will maintain its headquarters in London.

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Amazon’s Dash Button Takes On Your Grocery List

On your last roll of toilet paper? Just use your last cup of laundry detergent? Amazon’s Dash Button wants to kill your emergency run to the grocery store to restock with click and confirm ordering.

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A Newborn Gained Nearly 19,000 Instagram Followers in 2 Days

Looking to replicate 2-day-old Ioni Conran’s social media ascent? Step 1: Convince social media savvy model Coco Rocha to become your mom. Step 2: Practice cooing for the camera. Step 3: Profit!

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Pilot Questions the Role of ‘Low Cost Lives’ in Germanwings Tragedy

Mental health reviews, protocol for pilots leaving the cabin and many other topics have been raised in light of the Germanwings crash now believed to be a murder/suicide. One pilot wonders what role the obsession with low prices may have played.

These days, the 250-hr button twiddling geeks can go from pounding the sidewalk to the right seat of a passenger jet in less than two years. That’s two medicals, and practically no peer review, not time for quirks, or worse, to become apparent. I know the trend is for low cost airlines (low-cost training) low-cost clothes, low-cost food, low-cost … lives. – Pilot Adam Shaw in an email to The Atlantic


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