Explaining the 9 Best #ArmaniCaptions That You Shouldn’t Laugh At, But Will

Is This Armani's Way of Suggesting Alfre Woodard and Idris Elba for a Remake of the Movie Twins?

Someone’s social media internship at Armani is likely over after an Instagram mix-up that’s spawned a trending Twitter hashtag (#ArmaniCaptions).

Not Idris Elba

Not Idris Elba


The woman in the “gorgeous Giorgio @armani” dress pictured above is Alfre Woodard, an award winning 61-year-old actress from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Idris Elba is a 41-year-old actor from London. Aside from being black, and known for acting, the two have little in common – particularly the fact that one is a woman, and the other is a man.

The mix-up has spurred debate over whether the caption was racist or just social media incompetence. Unquestionably, the best part of this mix-up are the #ArmaniCaptions responses that re-caption photos of male celebrities with the names of vaguely similar female celebrities.

None of these dudes look like the ladies they’re captioned as (or vice versa), so while it still doesn’t feel right, it’s probably okay to laugh.

Carrot Top as Kathy Griffin

Wesley Snipes as Serena Williams

Prince as Rihanna

Prince as Alicia Keys

Whoopi Goldberg as Lil Wayne

Verdine White as Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child

Orlando Bloom as Solange Knowles

Oprah as President Obama

Kerry Washington as Forest Whitaker

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