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Editor of the daily fashion industry must-read, The Business of Fashion, Imran Amed is not only the founder of the blog that tracks the latest fashion related business moves and trends, but also editor-in-chief of Luxury Society, an educational and networking community for professionals in the luxury sector.


Imran Amed, photographed by Daniel Cianfarra

While he’s been quoted in WWD and the New York Times for his familiarity with fashion’s social and technology moves, we couldn’t help but wonder about the products, places and things that define Mr. Amed’s signature style. Who better than someone who could be considered one of fashion’s savviest shoppers?



ICHO Tokyo image via The Business of Fashion

My tailors of choice are ICHO of Tokyo. They intuitively understand my personal aesthetic and make quality clothes that will never go out of style.


Daniel Alessandrini Hitops

Daniele Alessandrini Hitops

Recently, I’ve been into high-tops from Daniele Alessandrini and Creative Recreation. We wrote about the aesthetic versatility of this new breed of sneakers on The Business of Fashion recently. You can wear them just about anywhere, for any occasion.

Watches & Jewelry

For many years, I told time from my BlackBerry. I couldn’t get into all those big, flashy statement watches. But then, a friend who is a watch aficionado found me a vintage 1960s Carrera Heuer watch in mint condition. It pre-dates Tag Heuer, the merged brand that we all know today, and has got a small, discreet dial face. I have to wind it myself everyday.



Dermalogica Products

I like Dermalogica, whose products are not laden with marketing fuss and buzzwords. They are just simple and effective.


m0851 Leather Bags

m0851 Leather Bags

I went to university in Montréal, home to m0851, whose leather products get softer and more beautiful with time. My passport wallet, laptop tote, and overnight bag are all from here.

Home & Design

The walls in my apartment are covered with artwork, mementos and photos from my travels around the world. Each piece has its own story, which makes it more than just ‘art’.


Canon S90

Canon S90

The Business of Fashion is completely reliant on technology. I would be hopeless without my iBook, Flip video camera, and BlackBerry, for responding to emails and doing interviews like this one, on the go.

I’ve recently started using the S90 camera by Canon, which I absolutely love because it works really well in low light and takes great quick shots from the sidelines of a fashion show. I just tested it out in Paris for the men’s shows and it is great.


Ottolenghi Croissants

Ottolenghi Croissants

When in London, I start my day with pastries and a cappucino from Ottolenghi on Ledbury Road. It’s hard to find a good croissant in London, but the ones at Ottolenghi have a perfect crisp outer layer and a soft, flaky inside with just the right amount of butter. Plus, they serve you with a smile.


Hotel Lancaster's Dietrich Suite

Hotel Lancaster's Dietrich Suite

I prioritize service over style — but having both is obviously better. In Paris, I stay at Hotel Lancaster, which is on a dodgy (yet conveniently located) street off the Champs Elysées, but has impeccable service where everybody knows your name.

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