AirBnB Has a New Logo, The Blogosphere Is Having a Laugh

So Airbnb officially has a new logo to go along with a newly designed site. While their massive $776 million in funding has given them a valuation higher than that of publicly traded travel booking site Expedia, it’s the jokes across social media and blogs that are really putting the company in the big leagues. We’re not sure if that makes Airbnb the Starbucks of startups, or the Gap of travel. New Airbnb Logo Co-founder Brian Chesky describes the inspiration for the new symbol.

Belonging has always been a fundamental driver of humankind. So to represent that feeling, we’ve created a symbol for us as a community. It’s an iconic mark for our windows, our doors, and our shared values. It’s a symbol that, like us, can belong wherever it happens to be. We’re proud to introduce the Bélo: the universal symbol of belonging. {AirBnB}

Unfortunately, “belonging” isn’t the first thing that came to mind for most people. One of the least explicit riffs on the new logo sums up the rest pretty well. airbnb-logo-sex There’s already a dedicated Tumblr which spells things out further; possibly NSFW if stick figure depictions of breasts and genitals would be frowned upon by your boss. Michael K of Dlisted only sees back cleavage from a much shared People of Walmart photo. While this may not have been the reaction Airbnb was going for, the new logo does have people talking, and not about someone having their place destroyed, being surprised to find that it’s the location of a sex party or returning to the remnants of an orgy. That’s got to count for something.


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