All Day Breakfast? McDonald’s Is Mulling It Over


The Egg White Delight and Big Breakfast with Hotcakes from the McDonald’s breakfast menu

Would you like to be able to order an Egg McMuffin at lunch time?

The question is getting some big buzz because McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson said he’s entertaining the idea.

And, well, when this mega restaurant chain is involved, it’s also because there are a lot of people out there who might like to order a McMuffin or a Sausage Burrito at noon or at dinner time.

But for those who might be salivating at the thought, don’t hold your breath. {Christian Science Monitor}

So, if all day breakfast is such a growth opportunity, why hasn’t it happened yet? A blogger quoted in the article suspects it might be something about supply and demand – if you can have your Big Breakfast all day, you won’t want it as much as you do when you have a limited time to get it.

We think the answer is a bit more logistical: more menu items means more prep time. A place like Denny’s or IHOP can get away with it, because diners are generally already seated and would find a 5-10 minute wait reasonable. The person going through the McDonald’s drive-thru might not.

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