Fashion Icon Anna Piaggi Dead at 81


Easily recognized by her bright blue ringlet peeking out from underneath a signature fascinator or hat, Anna Piaggi was a front row fashion show favorite and style provacateur. She died in Milan on August 7th at the age of 81.

A contributor to Vogue Italia for more than two decades, Piaggi’s colorful, graphic wardrobe and theatrical hair and makeup made her recognizable beyond the two pages which ran in the magazine each month, and endeared her to designers like Karl Lagerfeld as a muse.

“She was not only a great international journalist and fashion editor but also, and foremost, an icon, a muse and an inspiration for everybody. Anna’s work was not limited to the creation and running of major fashion publications such as Arianna or Vanity; neither did she simply coin features which, like her D.P.s for Vogue Italia, shaped the new direction of the magazine from 1988 up to now successfully asserting her unique way of capturing changes and evolutions in fashion.” {Vogue Italia}

Anna Piaggi on the Sartorialist

Though she only appeared three times on the Sartorialist, Piaggi could be considered a predecessor to the fashion magazine editors who frequently appear on street style blogs, and certainly a contemporary of over-the-top fashion fans like Daphne Guiness and the late Isabella Blow.

While she’s not the last of fashion’s great eccentrics, Anna Piaggi will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable.


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