Are Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars Coming Soon?

Could Girl Scouts Cookie candy bars be coming soon? This image from Reddit (via Jezebel) shows what appears to be a sample of just that.

While the Thin Mints flavor is the only one to surface, the package does say flavors (plural), so with any hope a Samoa cookie candy bar and a few others are under consideration as well. Given how delicious they are, it’s probably a good thing that there isn’t year round access to the cookies. The thought of being able to walk into a local Walgreens or CVS and pick up a candy bar with the same taste could be dangerous, but it’s definitely a risk we’re sure plenty of people would be willing to take.

There’s nothing beyond the photo to indicate if this is a product that’s really happening, or what the timeframe might be if it does end up being produced, but Halloween 2012 would be the best ever if trick-or-treaters could look forwards to a Girl Scout Cookie candy bar. Actually, if we’re being honest –  these probably wouldn’t make it past the front door, but  being able to buy your own still wouldn’t be too bad.

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