Coming to a Bank Near You: The New $100 Bill

It's all About the Benjamins


Flashy holograms, loud colors… that’s so new money

It was just a few years ago that we got the first look at the shiny, new $100 bill. Now, after production setbacks, BFrank is ready for his closeup. The new $100 bills are set to hit banks in early October, more than two years after the original February 2011 distribution date.

And really, who can find fault in that? Ribbons! Bells! (but not whistles) Holograms! 3D Printing! Microprinting! It’s all in that one little bill.

All of the features on the new notes are designed to make recognizing counterfeit bills easier, and producing them more difficult. If nothing else, would be counterfeiters are going to need a lot more craft supplies than they do at the moment. has detailed specifications of all of the design and security features, which we guess are necessary for convincing employees that the new technicolor bills are indeed real. Still, is it really the best idea to spell out all of the features for counterfeiters to start working on? Granted if it took an extra two years to make it into legitimate production it’s not going to be an easy challenge to crack, but we’d have to imagine that in some instances less information is more.

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