Cronut Creator Introduces Canned Ice Cream

Remember how everyone got so excited about cronuts – the donut made of croissant pastry? There were block long lines, predictions of the cronut becoming the new cupcake (before Crumbs went under, R.I.P.), which ironically was the “new” donut, following a quick, sweet love affair with Krispy Kreme.


While there haven’t been any high profile explosions and fizzles of cronut chains, creator Dominique Ansel has been able to keep a good level of interest in his original New York City bakery. Not one to rest on his dessert laurels, Ansel has a new sweet innovation – canned ice cream.

The “Pop It! Ice Cream Sundae in a Can” ($15) features root-beer and stracciatella ice creams, mascarpone semifreddo, macerated cherries, honey marshmallows and miniature cherry meringues, all packed in a chocolate-lined soup can with a pop art design. The whole thing is sealed and frozen. {New York Post via Jezebel}

If that sounds just odd enough for you to try, unfortunately you’re out of luck unless you’re in East Hampton right this second. The canned sundae is, at least for now, a one-day special offered from a food truck in front of designer Lisa Perry’s East Hampton store. 20% of proceeds from sales will go to City Harvest, a charity that works with restaurants to give excess and leftover food to the hungry, rather than throwing it out (which is standard policy at many restaurants across the country).

Image via: New York Post

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