Debbie Harry, Age 66, Mistaken for 20-something Lindsay Lohan

In case it's too difficult to tell, Lindsay Lohan is on the left

While Blondie singer Debbie Harry looks great for a 60-something woman, it doesn’t say much for Lindsay Lohan‘s current appearance that paparazzi mistook a woman more than 40 years her senior for the 25 year old actress.

Both Harry and Lohan were staying at the Mercer Hotel in New York, and Harry’s big sunglasses and partially covered blonde hair apparently gave her more than a passing resemblance to Lohan.

Lohan’s most recent public outing was as host of Saturday Night Live, in a critically panned performance that was thought by many to be exceptionally mediocre for the heavily visible dependence on cue cards.

So, there you have it: TV executives and fashion labels who are nostalgic for a blonde who previously had a career of big hits should just go with Debbie Harry instead. The paparazzi can’t tell the difference, Harry is probably more reliable at this point, and audiences will only know it’s not Lohan when the performance is actually good.

Image composite via Sodahead

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