For the Gentleman Cyclist, Del Toro Makes Wingtips Relfective

They’re not really designed for cycling, but we’d like to think that somewhere out there, a shoe designer was pacing back and forth looking at his shoe collection, then his bike, lamenting the fact that his beloved casual shoes just weren’t cut out for late night bike rides, where it really is important to make cars aware of your presence through bright colors or reflective strips.

3M reflectivity might make more sense on a cycling shoe than a dress shoe, but that hasn’t stopped footwear label Del Toro from creating this uniquely reflective series of casual footwear. Available in an EVA-equipped wingtip, or a classic rubber-soled sneaker, each shoe appears unassuming enough at first glance, but comes to life at night under any concentrated light source. {Hypebeast}

We’re still not sure of the backstory behind the shoes, but completely reflective footwear does sound like a cool (and yes, a little out there) concept, and surely there will be nothing but glowing reviews – pun intended.


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