Michael Bastian Talks Amish Influences and Dark Americana

Selling a Dream While Keeping Clothes Wearable



The moodboard for Michael Bastian’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection

Menswear often leans towards heritage and a designated color palette (black, gray, blue, brown or red in various levels of intensity), so it’s interesting to hear about the thought process that goes into a collection with the goal of pushing boundaries while maintaining wearability. While women’s fashion gets to exhibit creativity through colors, bold patterns and unusual fabrics, menswear has always been held to a more attainable standard.

“Let’s see how far we can keep pushing this American look without falling into the preppy trap. And you can go through this and say that the Fair Isle sweater is preppy, but we’re showing it in a different way.” – Menswear designer Michael Bastian to GQ

Of his most recent collection, which opened with a feathered vest, Bastian says “I still do that thing where if I wouldn’t wear it myself, even on my most confident day, it doesn’t go in the collection.”

Which all seems to be part of the designer’s push to continue pushing designs that are distinctly American (read: wearable, geared more towards the casual and active than buttoned up and perfectly polished), but not chained to heritage.

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