Prada Enters the Customized Shoe Market

For the Times When Custom Nikes Won't Cut It


The streetwear and athletic crowds have long been able to get their customized kicks via on demand platforms like NIKEiD, which inspired similar options from Converse, Reebok and Adidas. Australian startup Shoes of Prey stepped in to fill the role of the more fashion minded shoe customization platform, but there hasn’t been much on offer as far as branded options go.

Prada’s new customized shoe program looks to be the first to change that.

“Customers can create a Made-to-Order Décolleté pump or peep toe — choosing between an array of five finishes, 27 colors, sole colors, and shoe-box colors. You can even opt to have your initials monogrammed on the soles. {The Cut}”

In addition to the obvious choice of color (there are 27 for satin, 14 for suede), customers have a choice of five primary materials, three heel heights and three sole colors – fortunately, none anywhere close to red, so any combination should avoid upsetting other shoemakers.

The Italian luxury label already offers made to measure men’s clothing in certain stores, as well as lettering on luggage and bags, at the request of customers.

It will be interesting to see if the most popular custom requests will make their way over into seasonal ready-to-wear collections if there’s strong demand for a particular color or fabric.

For the moment, it seems the program is being rolled out to stores, so don’t count on an easy, online DIY shoe builder a la Shoes of Prey or NIKEiD if you really want a pair. There are also none of the more adventurous shapes that make Prada (and MiuMiu) shoes so recognizable; so if you’re dreaming about a pair of shoes that you saw on the runway – but in a slightly different shade or height,  unfortunately they are still just a dream, thought perhaps one that isn’t quite as far away.


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