Preview: New York Magazine’s Fashion Blog Gets the Extended Cut

The Cut, extended

The Cut, one of the 99 most influential fashion blogs, will be launching an expanded version next week.

“Readers of New York Magazine’s fashion blog The Cut are in for a treat when they check in on the site Monday morning.

That’s when the the company plans to reveal its all new version of the blog—a standalone website that will move outside its current editorial milieu of style and gossip to take on a wide range of topics that interest women, from sex and relationships to health and media. And it’s putting a whole new emphasis on photos.” {BusinessInsider}

While the emphasis on fashion news and content is still front and center, we do have to wonder about the expansion into other areas. It will undoubtedly give more flexibility in coverage of more loosely related topics like the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders saga which has spawned several stories, plenty of comments with more than a few questioning how it related to fashion (though the overwhelming majority were about the story itself). But will that alienate readers who only visit for style updates?

Not all of the Cut‘s readers are women, so veering too far into the “women’s interest” category might turn some of their audience off. We can’t see the slightly snarky fashion coverage disappearing entirely though, so we’re putting out an early prediction that the expansion won’t sacrifice coverage of the core topics that keep the most loyal visitors returning to the site. And, with 7 new editorial hires (the magazine reports a total of 11 full-time staffers), it’s far more likely that existing writers won’t have to stop covering their usual topics in order to take on new ones.


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