Rick Owens Iconic Spring 2014 Step Fashion Show [VIDEO]

Unconventional and Inspiring In So Many Ways

Rick Owens stepped up

Rick Owens stepped up

There are no awards at the end of the four major fashion weeks that run through New York, London, Milan and Paris, but if there were, the Rick Owens Spring 2014 fashion show would win them all.

Owens, who grew up in California, was familiar with step shows and had perused performances on YouTube. As an admirer, he knew of their long history within African-American fraternities and sororities. Stepping is competitive group showmanship that blends percussive dance moves with hand claps, foot stomps, and vocal shout-outs all executed with military-like precision and school yard bravado. – Robin Givhan for the Cut

Some responses to the show have taken issue with the scowling faces of the women moving down the runway. Rick Owens’ aesthetic has never been about portraying pretty or delicate women. While the wide variety of athletic body types stood out as much as the color of the cast, unlike other shows of this fashion week and fashion weeks past, there were no teasers on invitations or press releases after about the statement that was being made. The display communicated everything that needed to be said, and has likely already earned its place in fashion history.

He is the man, who can top him? So much emotion and he’s not afraid to take a strong position. Half of the audience were practically dancing in their seats while the other half were under the shock as this was not what they were expecting from fashion. – Diane Pernet

The Full Rick Owens Spring 2014 Step Fashion Show Video

Video by Diane Pernet of A Shaded View on Fashion

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