The Average Wedding Now Costs as Much As a Car

Couples are now averaging nearly $27,000 on nuptials, and that’s not even including a down payment on the future divorce.

“The average couple has a $26,989 wedding, according to Brides magazine. Even though that’s down from a peak of $28,082 in pre-recession 2008, nearly one-third of all brides still bust their budgets, Brides says.

Couples are victimized by their own fantasies, cajoled by media visions of celebrity nuptials, and pressured by friends, family, even strangers posting idyllic photos on Pinterest.”  {USA Today}

The wedding probably cost more than the car

So the next time you hear someone ask “ain’t love grand?” you can inform them that it’s actually more like 27.

While that figure may make a few eyes pop, wedding venue owners are reporting that couples are actually downsizing guest lists and taking a DIY approach to things like guest favors to try to stay within a budget. Unfortunately, roughly a 3rd of couples end up going over budget.

Far be it for us to question what makes two people happy, but couldn’t some of that money (and by some, we mean most) make two people a lot happier when applied to an awesome honeymoon, or a house, or even just by filling a bathtub with cash and rolling around it for a bit?

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that averages can be misleading by outliers. Meaning a small group of 10 couples spending $100,000 could push the average higher than the majority 90 couples spending $10,000, and not really reflect the norm. For example, if you tossed Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding into the mix and said the UK average for weddings skyrocketed the year they got married, it would be true but not truly accurate.

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