Unbaby.me Lets You Trade Babies for Cats (or Anything Else)

The first two pictures unbabied via Unbaby.me

If you’re of a certain age, you may be secretly sick of looking at the endless stream of chubby cheeks and little bald heads filling your Facebook newsfeed as old friends become new parents. Well, now you can maintain your friendship and do something about the baby overload.

Unbaby.me is a Chrome extension that recognizes baby photos on social networking sites like Facebook, and replaces them with photos of cats or dogs or cars or whatever you want. You just add to Chrome, update a few keywords, and tell it what to change the photos to. (The default is cats.)” {TechCrunch}

The extension already has more than 45,000 likes on Facebook, and 1400 tweets to its credit, so there’s obviously a user base.  Still, are baby pictures really that bad?

“Once you’ve seen one baby, you’ve seen them all,” you say, and that’s mostly true. Sure, there are different colored eyes, some with hair, some without, but in general they’re all toothless little people who are, by definition, cute.

Granted there are some unfortunate looking babies out there (author’s note: this refers to no one I know), and some parents who take things too far (your child covered in placenta is not adorable), but in general you get to experience all of the adorable things that go along with babies with none of the spitup, late night crying or poopy diapers.

In seriousness, there are some valid reasons why someone might not want to see baby pictures: a parent who’s recently lost a child might have trouble seeing reminders of their loss, someone struggling to conceive could also be effected negatively. While it’s doubtful that all 45,000 people who liked this extension on Chrome fall into that category, there could be a legitimate use for Unbaby.me beyond catering to grumps.


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